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The Structure of the Grange

Many Community Granges sponsor a Junior Grange. Children ages 5 through 14 are eligible to belong to the Junior Grange whether or not they come from a Grange family. In the State of Connecticut, there are currently two active Junior Granges.

Junior members conduct their own meetings, have their own ritualistic work and through this experience they learn leadership, initiative and good citizenship skills.

The Junior Grange programs are created to develop and hone individual talents, build self-confidence, increase participation in Grange activities and provide leadership training. Members between five and 14 years old have fun while learning responsibilities and concern for their communities in activities that stress family values.

The Subordinate Grange is the "Local" Grange. This is often called the Community Grange as this unit of the organization is built around the community. Men, women and youth are admitted on equal terms. Those who are a minimum of 14 years of age are eligible for full membership. Each member has one vote. The local Grange elects its own officers and controls its own affairs in community matters. It confers the first four ritualistic Degrees. Although regular business Grange meetings are for members only, the educational and literary programs are frequently open to the public, as are the numerous community activities and projects the local Granges provide. All Grange activities are for the purpose of developing leadership, improving community life, and expanding opportunities for all people.

Approximately 100,000 people are members of the Grange in 1,200 Community Grange chapters nationwide. In the State of Connecticut, there are approx. 35 Community Grange chapters.

The Pomona Grange is the equivalent of the County-wide/Regional Grange. Subordinate Granges within a given district are grouped together on a county or regional basis into Pomona Granges that meet monthly or quarterly. The Pomona Grange offers the Fifth Degree of the order, thus extending the lessons and opportunities of the Subordinate Grange. The Pomona Grange provides the leadership for educational, legislative, and business interests of the Subordinate Granges in its jurisdiction. In the State of Connecticut, there are currently three (3) Pomona Granges.

The State Grange is a delegate body representing Subordinate and Pomona Granges. At their annual conventions, State Granges consider many important matters relating to legislation and public policy, with particular reference to agriculture, other matters of concern to rural and urban America and the general welfare of the state as a whole. Inasmuch as State Grange policies originate in the Subordinate and Pomona units of the Order and are conveyed through their delegates, this branch is, in a special sense, expressive of Grange thought and sentiment throughout the entire state.

Voting authority is vested in the delegate body, which in most instances, is composed of the Masters (Presidents) of Subordinate and Pomona Granges and their spouses (or other elected delegates), each having one vote. The Sixth Degree of the Order is conferred at these conventions.

The National Grange is the parent branch of the Order. All business sessions of the National Grange are open to any Community Grange member in good standing. As spectators, they have no vote in the deliberations, but they do have ample opportunity to appear before committees and to testify. As the supreme legislative body of the Order, policies are developed through the channels of Subordinate, Pomona and State units, and consequently embody the seasoned judgment of the membership. Delegates from each State (the State Grange President and Spouse) comprise the voting body. At the annual convention of the National Grange, one day is devoted to the conferral of the Seventh Degree, the highest degree of Order. Degree candidates and members gather from all parts of the Nation for this annual ritualistic event.

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