Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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President's Message

We are all getting ready for the 133rd Session of the Connecticut State Grange, October 19-21. This year some changes have been made to the schedule so please carefully read the forms and schedules.

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Noel Miller
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Grange News

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Legislatively Speaking

As of this writing our country has been hit with multiple hurricanes leaving quite a few States and United States territories with considerable damage. Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico were especially hit hard by these hurricanes. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the areas affected.

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Alma Graham
Legislative Director
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Lecturer's Corner

WOW! ITíS OCTOBER. I donít know where the summer has gone. Welcome to our new Grange year. If you have had a bad year itís time to put it behind you and get a fresh start. We all need to strive to make our Grange better. We have to work together and build our attendance. The Grange has many good programs. Letís take advantage of them.

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Margaret Bernhardt
State Lecturer
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