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October News From Harmony Grange

By George Ward

  October 8, 2016 --

Oct. 14: Regular Meeting, Ref. at 6:30, Meeting at 7:30. Lecturer’s program to be announced.

Our Agricultural Fair for August 2016 is history. Overall the fair was successful. The exhibits were good, but attendance was down because of the weather. Temperature was 90 plus degrees. Many thanks to members and others who made the Fair a success.

A value for the land that the Department of Transportation will be taking for the roundabout at the intersection of Routes 110 & 111 has been received and is being evaluated by the membership.

At our August meeting we postponed our 125th Anniversary from Oct. 2, 2016 to a later date when adequate planning can be done to make the event interesting and enjoyable for members and guests.

Harmony Grange has elected three new members and will do the Welcoming Ceremony at our September meeting.

We have two more applications to be evaluated for membership. The applications were received at our Agricultural Fair.


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