Thursday, March 21, 2019
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October News from Ekonk Community Grange No. 89

By Sue Gray

  October 13, 2017 --

Busy does not begin to describe our Grange! Thanks to Jodi Ann Cameron & crew Brooklyn Fair is now history--our Grange has its own BUSY booth for the entire Fair! Several members also volunteered helping Washington County Pomona Grange Fair--Grangers helping Grangers is absolutely fantastic! National Junior Ambassador, Jomni Tarbell and her chaperone, Stephanie Inglis returned to East Pembroke, NY area after five delightful days with Ekonk and Washington County Fair--a delightful duo of inspirational Junior and Subordinate Grangers. Our members are major players in Sterling Family Day; the singly biggest day in our town especially for families. By this reading our first venture into “Celebrate AG” will be history. At this writing 22 volunteers are in place to prepare and serve 700+ hungry folks breakfast and lunch at the Woodstock Fair grounds.

We had an incredible write up with numerous pictures in the local newspaper on our Ekonk Fair--our chests swelled with pride in our organization with the words that the reporter used in describing our Fair and our Grange. Four Juniors (Ariella Bessette, Brianna Gervais and Lillian and Russell Sharpe) are attending classes to eventually earn their Super JG award. These four have memorized the Junior Grange pledge, know how to properly set up a Grange and are all soon to have completed knowing how to run a business meeting, including knowing the Masters part! All for have taken the Super JG written test too. Installation found Lillian Sharpe installed as new President. Lillian makes the 7th generation of Grange Masters/Presidents in our family! Numerous badges were presented to many diligent Juniors at Installation. They are a bright light to those of us who are seniors; may they never lose their enthusiasm!


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