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June News from Nutmeg Pomona No. 16

By Joanne Cipriano

  JUNE 2, 2023 --

Our next meeting is Sunday, June 4 at Beacon Valley Grange. Program in charge of Lecturer Bob Charbonneau is entitled “Summertime.” Refreshments will be served by the committee members.

Reporting on our last meeting, the hall was full with all seats taken. The meeting lasted only 90 minutes, still laughing at some of the numbers on the Lecturer’s program. Had to use a large table for the Country Store. With all the donations, no one went home hungry. We were also able to talk to members from other Granges who we don’t see any more as there are few neighbor’s nights. Wouldn’t it be great if this was all true? It could be if we had a little more participation at meetings from the eight Granges in Nutmeg Pomona who have not had any members attend. It is nice to have Wallingford Grange back on the attendance roll.

I can’t tell you the date of our next meeting as we have not had our planning meeting yet. Watch the July issue of the Granger for the date. I will be there- will you?

Hope you are enjoying this nice weather.

To all the fathers- we hope you enjoy your day, and we wish you many more.

As I am typing this, I just received a call that Emily Alexander, Lecturer of Cheshire Grange had passed away. Our sympathies to her family and to Cheshire Grange who will miss her excellent programs and talent.



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